• About us

  • Access Asia Consulting Company was established in 2011 by two Canadian consultants and journalists. The founding of the company utilized and built upon existing networks, skills, risk awareness and local knowledge gained from years of professional experience in Southeast Asia. As Myanmar had just initiated political and business reforms and was coming out of decades of isolation to welcome foreign investment and aid, we put significant initial focus on this jurisdiction, which remains one of our key markets. Since 2011, we have conducted over 300 due diligence and business investigations in this frontier market, where Access Asia Myanmar offers specialized business services in cooperation with our local partners.

    In Vietnam, a rapidly growing economy and favorable policy changes to increase foreign investment have made this another key market of Access Asia. Here we maintain an active presence and an extensive network to help foreign investors and other clients deal with pre-transaction and post-transaction issues and concerns, as well as other specific investigative requests. Our pre-transaction services in Vietnam focus on due diligence, market entry risk assessments, business intelligence gathering and pre-employment screening, while our post-transaction services focus on business investigations such as IP infringement and fraud.

    Other jurisdictions in which we operate in Southeast Asia are Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,  Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, where we offer our core services. As we foresee Southeast Asia to be an attractive regional destination for foreign investors for years to come – especially with the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community – we are continuously developing and expanding our footprint throughout the region.

    Access Asia also offers specialized services in China, where foreign investors, multinational corporations and international organizations are faced with a myriad of complex issues and risks, particularly pertaining  to corporate governance and financial transparency. Through our discreet and proprietary network of current and former government, military and intelligence relationships honed over many years, we are able to soundly assist our clients in navigating  the risks and challenges of investing and/or operating in China. With human intelligence assets on the ground, we provide services that include threat/risk assessments, corporate investigations, due diligence, specialized research and advice on China well beyond those who operate primarily off of static databases and publicly available information. Our level of insight will enable clients to get a clearer picture of the business, political and environmental landscape that brings peace of mind and solid intelligence to make high-level decisions.

    Why choose us?

    As a boutique firm with a business structure and model that focuses on the utilization of local networks, we are able to operate efficiently and with a high level of flexibility and responsiveness. We take pride in responding to all business enquiries, communication and requests in a timely manner and providing customized solutions for our clients.

    Being on the ground in the jurisdictions in which we work, we have a direct link with our sources of information. Moreover, we manage each case with a ‘hands-on’ and a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach. As a result, our investigative information is streamlined without going through intermediary parties, which allows us to cut administrative costs and decreases the likelihood of the client receiving misinterpreted information.

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