• Brand Protection & IP Enforcement

  • Brand Protection & IP Enforcement
  • What we offer

    We provide our clients with confidential Intellectual Property (IP) investigations designed to protect IP rights. Infringement on IP rights is a serious issue in Asia costing businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue. While the regulatory environment is often in place in many countries, the enforcement of IP rights remains weak. Working with our local legal and investigative teams, we build solid cases by tracing the source of counterfeit goods, collecting legally binding evidence, and initiating enforcement and litigation. Our IP Investigations include:

    • Identification of counterfeit products and the source of the products
    • Identification of the individuals/companies involved
    • Identification of distribution networks
    • Legally-binding evidence collection
    • Pre-raid and pre-litigation advice
    • Initiating administrative enforcement
    • Initiating litigation
    • Notarization of infringement
    • Market surveys and monitoring

    Our approach

    While each IP investigation varies depending upon the jurisdiction, the essential component is identifying and procuring legally binding evidence from those violating IP laws. Working in tandem with our local investigators and legal exerts, we identify and document counterfeit products that can be used in a legally binding case in order to initiate the protection of our clients’ IP rights and take the case towards successful litigation. All IP investigations are conducted with complete discretion.