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    Access Asia Myanmar is our trade name for our operations in this frontier market, where we offer specialized business services to address the specific challenges of operating here. Utilizing our extensive local network, we are able to gain access and information from all levels of business and government as well as from all geographical regions of the country. We work closely with our local partners in this high-risk yet high-reward market to provide our clients with the following core services:

    • Business Investigations and Due Diligence
    • Market Entry Risk Assessments
    • IP Investigations and Litigation
      • Access Asia Myanmar offers customized IP investigations and litigation to deal with infringement violations and counterfeit cases. Working closely with our local legal teams and our network of investigators throughout the country, we offer a complete package from evidence collection to prosecution in Myanmar courts. Our legal teams, which include an advisory panel set up for each case, are supervised by experienced prosecutors and retired judges and determine the legal course of action following initial evidence collection. Please contact us for more details.
    • Political and Security Risk Analysis, Assessments and Forecasting
      • Access Asia Myanmar offers political and security risk analysis, assessments and forecasting for companies exploring new investment opportunities as well as for already established companies seeking advisory services including weekly or monthly updates. Our services include analytical and advisory reporting on a wide spectrum of potential risks including domestic political developments, organized crime, potential civil unrest as well as risks related to insurgency and terrorism. We also offer dedicated industry-specific country risk reports as well as reporting on security challenges in specific regions of the country. We also undertake reporting on military modernization and operational capabilities, as well as the role of the military in politics.
    • Physical Security
      • Access Asia Myanmar offers specialized security solutions with emphasis on the protection of human resources and physical assets.From executive protection to the provision of security guards, our team of local and foreign security professionals provide companies with practical solutions when doing business in this complex market. Please contact us for more details.