• Corporate Investigations

  • Corporate Investigations
  • What we offer

    As one of our key services, we conduct a wide-range of investigations tailored to the needs of our clients. Typically these are investigations into a business relationship, dispute, internal misconduct/criminal activity such as fraud, or a regulatory concern such as tax evasion or supply chain problems affecting a company. Yet, we also provide macro-level investigations on business sectors, markets and industry-specific risks such as corruption or appropriation. Broadly, our investigation services include:

    • General Business Investigations
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Market Entry Risk Assessments and Investigations
    • Business Intelligence gathering
    • Document Verification

    Our Approach

    Our investigative teams employ a variety of discreet methods depending on the case, including on the ground enquiries, checks with court, police and regulatory officials, internal inspections, consulting with experts or relevant persons for the case, and surveillance. When necessary, our researchers also collect and assess open source information, conduct public record checks and interview relevant persons such as whistle-blowers or persons with intimate knowledge of the case. Our extensive local networks and experienced investigative teams are able to navigate the local environment and employ appropriate and compliant techniques suitable for each case.