• About Us

  • Access Asia Consulting is a Canadian-owned and operated risk-management firm specializing in corporate investigations, due diligence, brand protection and security-related services across Southeast Asia and China.

    Our extensive local networks, and in-country investigators and analysts, allow us to deliver unique access to vital information, insight and client-focused reports in an efficient, timely and responsive manner. The effectiveness of our model, which fuses local networks with international expertise, has been a hallmark of our success and has driven our expansion into new markets and services. 

    Our operations are most active in the following jurisdictions:


    A rapidly growing economy supported by favorable demographics and business-friendly policies have made Vietnam one of the region’s most attractive markets for foreign investment. This is Access Asia’s most active jurisdiction where we conduct approximately 6 cases every month and is the base of one of our founding directors.

    Our pre-transaction services in Vietnam focus on due diligence, market entry risk assessments, business intelligence gathering and pre-employment screening, while our post-transaction services focus on corporate investigations including fraud and conflict of interest cases; brand protection and IP enforcement; insurance investigations and litigation support.

    Here we maintain an active presence, a director’s base, and an extensive network to help foreign investors and other clients deal with pre-transaction and post-transaction issues and concerns, as well as other specific investigative requests. We also operate a locally registered IP compliance and market research company, Access Solutions Co Ltd.


    Access Asia has expanded its presence in this dynamic economy as existing and new clients have revised their investment strategies following the change in government in 2018. New reforms – which range from combating corruption to attracting foreign investment and rebooting the country’s education system – are reviving interest in what had been one of the region’s “tiger economies”.

    As we expect robust growth in Malaysia this year, especially in its services sector, and a rise in private investment, Access Asia is ready to offer a full suite of services in the nation of more than 32 million people. We also offer sector- and industry-wide investigations and assessments tailored to the needs of individual clients.


    At the time of our founding in 2011, we made a strategic decision to focus on Myanmar due to the surge in demand for information and insight about this frontier economy – sparked by the wide-ranging political, social and economic reforms being implemented.

    Since then, we have conducted over 350 due diligence and business investigations in this challenging yet promising market, where Access Asia Myanmar offers specialized business services in cooperation with our local partners. We also operate a Myanmar-registered company designed to act as the legal representative for our clients so they may legally protect their intellectual property in compliance with local laws and all the rights afforded to legal entities in this jurisdiction.


    This is another core jurisdiction of Access Asia, where inherent political instability has become an enduring feature of the foreign investment environment. Similar to Vietnam, here we maintain an active presence, a director’s base, and an extensive network to help foreign investors and other clients deal with pre-transaction and post-transaction issues and concerns. Since 2011, we have conducted over 150 due diligence and corporate investigations in the country and we have recently expanded into insurance investigation support.


    As part of Access Asia’s physical expansion and strategic positioning in mainland Southeast Asia, in 2018 we expanded our presence in Cambodia, a small yet promising jurisdiction that has posted one of the strongest economic growth rates in the world over the past two decades.

    In addition to providing regular due diligence, corporate investigations and political risk services, we are using the country as a mini hub where our business development manager and senior project consultant are based, taking advantage of the country’s strategic positioning in Southeast Asia and favourable business climate.

    The Philippines

    Access Asia has recently expanded our activities and services in the Philippines, a market where we see encouraging economic and foreign investment growth, yet compounded with numerous business and security risks. In 2019 Access Asia will be establishing a permanent presence in the country through a locally registered subsidiary, Access Philippines.


    Access Asia also offers specialized services in China, where foreign investors, multinational corporations and international organizations are faced with a myriad of complex issues and risks, particularly pertaining to corporate governance and financial transparency. Through our discreet and proprietary network of current and former government, military and intelligence relationships honed over many years, we are able to soundly assist our clients in navigating the risks and challenges of investing and/or operating in China.

    With human intelligence assets on the ground, we provide services that include threat/risk assessments, corporate investigations, due diligence, specialized research and advice on China well beyond those who operate primarily off of static databases and publicly available information. Our level of insight will enable clients to get a clearer picture of the business, political and environmental landscape that brings peace of mind and solid intelligence to make high-level decisions.

    Region-wide Access

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will be one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investors for years to come. Although each jurisdiction has unique opportunities and challenges, the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community is leading to the harmonization of key regulatory frameworks, including those governing trade, IP, customs, accounting and auditing standards, corporate governance, arbitration and competition policy.

    Rising incomes, a young workforce, a market of more than 600 million people, and an accelerating shift of global supply chains to the region are creating immense opportunities for foreign investors.

    As a result, we are continuously expanding and deepening our presence in each ASEAN member state, offering our full spectrum of services throughout Southeast Asia.

    Why Choose Us?

    As a boutique firm with a nimble business model harnessing local networks, we deliver information, insight and client-focused results in an efficient, timely and uniquely responsive manner.

    Being on the ground in the jurisdictions in which we work, we have a direct link with our sources of information. Moreover, we manage each case with a ‘hands-on’ and a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach. As a result, our investigative information is streamlined without going through intermediary parties, which allows us to cut administrative costs and decreases the likelihood of the client receiving misinterpreted information.

    We swiftly respond to all enquiries, communications and requests and provide highly customized solutions to each client. This commitment has been a primary driver of our growth and strategic expansion. View our corporate profile here.