• Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence
  • What we offer

    As our core business service, we provide our clients with customized due diligence assessments on companies and individuals using discreet methods and a variety of approaches. Our due diligence services range from investigating the business profile, reputation and reliability of a company to investigating the background and track record of an individual.

    We help clients gain vital – and often undisclosed – information in order to:

    • Identify potential risks and solutions with entering into a business relationship
    • Gain reputational insight into practices of a company or individual
    • Fulfill compliance requirements including those pertaining to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act
    • Enhance Negotiating Power

    Although we tailor the scope of cases to the needs of our clients, a typical, comprehensive investigation will include:

    • Source enquiries focusing on the background, reputation and track record of the subject(s); business integrity and corruption risks; management issues; financial standing; political, military and commercial connections; and identification of any issues of concern.
    • Public record checks including corporate record retrieval and litigation and bankruptcy checks.
    • Adverse media and open source research in English and local language.

    Our Approach

    Our extensive local networks enable us to gain access to appropriate and knowledgeable sources for each case, ranging from government officials to individual associates of the subject. Being on the ground in the jurisdictions in which we work, we are able to closely manage each case, find appropriate sources no matter how low of a profile the subject has, and provide contextual insight to the local operating environment.

    For company investigations, typical sources we discreetly interview include current and former employees of the company; current and former employees of competitor companies; industry experts; officials from relevant agencies; journalists and others with specific knowledge of the company, its key principals or the industry. For individual investigations, we utilize our local networks to track down and discreetly interview appropriate sources such as former employers, former or current colleagues, business partners, and relevant officials knowledgeable of the subject.

    At all times, enquiries are carried out in a discreet manner without revealing the nature of the investigation.