• Pre-Employment Screening

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • What we offer

    We provide our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective background checks in order to ensure that candidates are the right people for the right jobs. Our pre-employment screening services are designed to protect our clients and ensure that potential issues are discovered before they become a problem. Although our pre-employment screening services are customized to the needs of our clients, checks typically include:

    • Employment Verification and References
    • Academic Verification
    • Character Reference Check
    • Verification of gaps in employment history
    • Identity Verification
    • Address Verification
    • Open source profile
    • Source Enquiries
    • Criminal Records

    Our approach

    With the goal of reducing post-hiring risks and the retention of valued employees for our clients, Access Asia works with local assets to thoroughly review applicants’ information utilizing legally compliant measures. We have the capability to review the reference data of candidates effectively and efficiently to ensure the accuracy of their application and provide our clients with reliable decision making information. As an independent third party, we provide our clients with a reliable and unbiased assessment of candidates.