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    Southeast Asian countries often have less stringent regulatory environments than more developed nations do. This can expose foreign firms with local partners to regulatory, legal, or reputational risks. To address these risks, Access Asia provides compliance solutions for our clients. Our range of solutions are designed to help companies avoid any legal or reputational issues while working with local partners in Southeast Asia. Moreover, ensuring local partners are conducting business legally and in compliance with each country’s laws can help avoid costly delays, fines, and limited exposure to laws such as the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act. Our compliance solutions can be implemented at the pre- or post-transaction stage, as well as part of a yearly strategy.

    Our approach

    Our compliance solutions include a series of checks on local partners to ensure they are adhering to regulatory requirements and have a good reputation within the country they operate in. Compliance investigations can be different in each jurisdiction yet generally include:

    ·       Corporate filings, directors, and ownership records retrieval

    ·       Tax payment history

    ·       Identifying proxy owners of local businesses

    ·       Uncovering political and/or military affiliations

    ·       Civil and criminal litigation history

    ·       Bankruptcy checks

    ·       Multi-lingual open source reviews

    ·       Environmental complaints

    ·       Labor issues

    Compliance solutions are designed to help clients identify any regulatory or potential reputational risks before a company becomes exposed to adverse issues. Compliance checks combined with discrete source enquiries based on client-focused questions can provide a comprehensive understanding of a local firm’s standing with authorities and the wider community. If any red-flag issues or discrepancies are found, clients are immediately alerted and further follow-up research can be done. While the business and regulatory environment in Southeast Asia poses unique challenges, our risk-based compliance solutions can help limit exposure to risk as well as demonstrate a corporation’s commitment to maintaining global legal norms.